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Simple and Easy Verification

Check Identity and Addresses of your driver and their guarantors in 3 steps

Step 1


All you need to do, is provide us with the credentials of your driver and their guarantors. We recommend that you request for their NIMC's NIN.

Step 2

They Upload

You upload their driver's license image and provide the details on it

Step 3

Their Address

You provide us with their residential address. We recommend you get their NIPOST digital address.

Step 4

The results!

We cross-checks and analyses hundreds of data points from the information provided to prove they are who they say they are.

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In today’s world we're often forced to take trust for granted but that doesn’t mean that we have to. With DriverCheck you can now easily reduce your risk and increase the information you have about your driver.

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Standard DriverCheck

‎₦3000 /Verification

We check your driver's identity, driver's license and confirm if he or she is available at their current residential address.

  • Drivers ID (BVN or NIN)
  • FRSC Driver's License
  • Physical Address Verification
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DriverCheck with Guarantors

‎₦5000 /Verification

We conduct the standard DriverCheck on your Driver and we verify their Guarantors' identity and their current residential address.

  • Standard DriverCheck
  • Guarantors ID (BVN or NIN). Max. of Two
  • Physical Address Verification. Max. of Two
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